Planning your holiday trip without travel agents can be compared to a parachute jump because it seems scary at first, but after that, you just can’t stop. But how to gather enough courage for such a ‘jump’ and create the perfect travel itinerary to a country you have never visited before?

Here you will learn about the challenges regarding route planning and the ways to avoid them. In the end, you will be convinced that planning a trip on your own can be very simple. With the help of our tips, you will save hundreds of dollars!

Travel Itinerary Planning Challenges

If you decide to create a route yourself, thus saving money on the services of tour agents who offer ready-made solutions, then you have to expect many difficulties. Yes, this is not an easy task (but it is still fascinating, believe us!), and here are the main points that you need to foresee. 

Security Issues

Self-planning of the route means you are the only person responsible for your health and life. For example, in each country, there are types of transport or routes that can be dangerous. For example, let’s recall the climb to Everest, as well as a memorial to all those who died in the mountains. Some columns are intentionally left blank, but unfortunately, they will be filled with the names of incautious extreme lovers. 

Chaotic Route

Sometimes, self-planning of the route can lead to the fact that you spend 60% of your vacation on the way. The list of the sights and their location are not the key factors that help to spend your time rationally. The key factor is to know how to get to them while saving your time, money, and efforts. 

Lack of Local Specificities Understanding

Understanding the local context is a crucial requirement for all tourists. For example, not all countries have transport cards, and you need to pay in cash. Also, each country has its holidays when a lot of institutions are closed, public transport is canceled in the city center, or vice versa – the top places are teeming with tourists and locals. The lack of such knowledge can make your trip difficult and full of unpleasant surprises.

Place Disorientation

This is the most common problem the ‘autonomous’ tourists talk about. Getting lost or missing your bus is still a real challenge, even with smartphones. But often, this occurs among those who did not pre-plan the itinerary.

Complexity with Hotels

During your travel itinerary, you will be forced to stop in different cities, and you will need to take care of booking accommodation in advance. This point also requires special attention, because if you do not consider it at the stage of trip planning, you may be faced with the situation when all the suitable hotels are already overbooked.

How to Avoid the Above Challenges?

If you are working on a travel itinerary and want it to be problem-free, then you should get rid of the above difficulties. But how to do so if you do not have experience with travel itinerary planning whatsoever? Artificial intelligence technologies can be a good solution to all these problems. But before moving on to considering AI as the best assistant for vacation planning, check out the basic guidelines:

  • Determine how many days you will spend traveling. In order to optimally develop a route, you need to clearly understand how much time you have at your disposal. A clear assessment of your time will help you prioritize the sights and places you want to see, as well as leave a day or two for a calm reflection after a trip.
  • Define a budget for the vacation. Before making a route, you need to understand how much money you are willing to allocate for the trip. It’s no secret that the budget plays a decisive role in travel issues. Further, it will be possible to move on to travel planning in a particular country. P.S. Consider seasonal price increase!
  • Make a list of countries that meet your starting points: your time, budget, and preferences. Maybe, you will have to consider several options to choose the best travel itinerary.

Artificial Intelligence Equals Perfect Route

Now let’s get back to looking into how artificial intelligence can help you with your travel itinerary. Start from checking this website about travel itineraries. This is not an analog of Google Maps or apps that perform the function of a navigator. This application can be called a virtual cicerone or even a travel agent. YourTravelItinerary is a real opportunity to develop a route in a few minutes instead of spending several days on manual researching and planning. Does this tool exclude the most common problems that were previously described? Let’s find it out.

Best Ways to Use YourTravelItinerary App

To start enjoying the benefits of novice technological solutions, you need to download the app or use the site. How to start travel itinerary planning? All you need to do is answer four questions, and after that, you will get a ready destination. There are no simpler ways to create a route! Also, you will receive suggestions as to where to go next, where you can find the best attractions, the best kinds of transport within this country, as well as hotels to stay.

In this app, you can also find information regarding the country. That is, regarding the weather, currency, and even the security of the region. You can also get acquainted with the impressions of the route of other tourists.

Do you understand why you were previously asked to select several countries? Because with this application, you can analyze more than 2000 directions and choose the one that fits your intentions. What is more, the destination of your dreams can be much more accessible than you thought. As they say, data knows better. 

So, does this app replace the cicerone? Absolutely yes! You do not need to spend money on guide services, since all the information you require will be on your smartphone. And of course, none of the above problems will spoil your vacation.

The Final Words

As you can see, independent route planning is not an easy task. But thanks to modern developments, you can do it quickly and develop a safe route with the help of comprehensive data analysis. Do not lose the chance to save your money and get a travel route utilizing the most advanced AI capabilities!